We unify services to enable thriving families and communities.

Providing an integrated model of care with long-term measurable impact for underserved communities.

Stop working in silo

One Place, One Platform – Services, Individuals and Families Working Together.

What we offer

We are domain experts in evolving and provisioning an integrated model of care around the family for long-term measurable impact of health and well-being.


Advocacy Support

To Federal, State, City and Local Government Agencies, Community Service Agencies and other Service Providers of Health and Human Services.


Model of Care Framework and Roadmap

Help organizations evolve their practice models where everyone works together around the goals and aspirations of the individual or family.


Organizational Change Model and Methodologies

Helping operationalize the Model of Care by supporting organizational change; aligning people, practice and culture to enable and empower individuals, families and thriving communities.


Whānau Tahi Navigator System

Our Whānau Tahi Navigator underpins service delivery; bringing individuals, families, and service providers together in one place on one platform. Providers are better able to support and encourage clients owning and managing their well-being journey.


Social Return on Investment

A world-wide accredited and recognized methodology to measure, manage and account for social value or social impact of the services provided to clients and communities; that is, are we making a difference?


Consulting, Research, and Workshops

Supporting and evolving models of care for impact in building thriving communities. We benchmark our work to underserved communities in the US and Aotearoa, New Zealand; an incubator for our domain knowledge and technology.


Tiwahe (dee-wah-hay) means family in the Lakota language and symbolizes the interconnectedness of all living things and one’s personal responsibility to protect familycommunityand the environment.

We are proud to have supported Tiwahe, a five-year demonstration project helping American Indians and Alaska natives to improve health and well-being of families in tribal communities. Established in 2015, Tiwahe focuses on “self-governance” at the family level, allowing tribes to braid programs and services around the “voiced” needs of individuals and families.  
Our experience derives from our support since 2010 of a similar government policy in Aotearoa, New Zealand – Whānau Ora… and we are eager to share that experience.

A bold approach to furthering Native American self-determination and self-governance

Tiwahe allows flexibility in the administration of key Tribal programs, supports Tribal economic self-sufficiency, and strengthens Tribal cultural connections. It fosters systemic change in the delivery of services to children and families through the integration of Tribal practices, customs, values, and traditions.

Whiria te tāngata.
Weave the people together.

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